Open-source intelligence (OSINT), together with social media intelligence (SOCMINT) can be defined as information acquired from mulitiple publicly available sources and subsequently analysed to provide useful intelligence, which can in turn be used to initiate further information acquisition or other related tasks.

Both OSINT and SOCMINT have become critical tool due to the widespread use of Internet-enabled mobile devices and associated prevalence of social media for the sharing of information and communication. 

Many organisations and individuals are unaware of the volume of information posted (by both themselves and other parties) on multiple platforms, and most importantly, how this information could be used against them. 


There have been many examples where  an organisation's C-suite together with their supporting personnel (executive/personnel assistants) have been targeted by adversaries for attacks, in many cases these have been based on successful acquisition of information gained using the reconnaissance phase and used to spoof emails or phone calls and ultimately gain privilged information.

​Through implementation of a four-phase approach, we can carry out a thorough review of both organisational and key individual's internet -based and social media 'footprints' using multiple industry tools and websites. 


Following subsequent analysis of the information gained we will deliver a comprehensive report, documenting potential social engineering-related threat vectors, together with recommendations to minimise potentially sensitive information being made available to adversaries which could be used for malicious intent.

In a​addition to a review of both organisational and personal internet 'footprints', we will also include a review of potentially comprised account credentials and personally identifiable information that have been exposed through data breaches.


All activities are carried out by experienced and certified OSINT analysts using industry best-practice methodologies and processes.  All research activities are carried out in full compliance of UK law and the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

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