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Given the current usage levels for social media sites, it provides people with the opportunity to share details about themselves, their interests and their opinions with people all over the world.  However, many do not understand the consequences of both what and where they are posting information;  their online footprint follows them and is very difficult to fully erase.

We can work with your organisation to carry out an assessment (based on publically available information) of a potential employee's online social media footprint, which can be used to determine whether they are a suitable fit for the organisation.

Our assessment process is based on the 7 key measures of online behaviour:

online behaviour.PNG

Our social media assessment can be used by potential employers to complement traditional methods of employment screening by highlighting whether an individual’s activities when carrying out online activities are:

  • Potentially brand and reputation damaging;

  • Showcasing undesirable characteristics;

  • Encouraging illegal activities;

  • Connected to or supportive of proscribed organisations and terrorist groups;

  • Linked to lobby or advocate / activist groups;

  • Breaching company-related policies;

  • Featured in adverse media and news reports;

  • Leaking or likely to leak company confidential information;

  • Likely to have an impact on future client relations;

  • Likely to expose your organisation to instances of bribery or fraud.

Following subsequent analysis of the information gained a comprehensive confidential report will be provided to the client.

All activities are carried out by experienced and certified OSINT analysts using industry best-practice methodologies and processes.  All research activites are carried out in full compliance of UK law and the EU General Data Protection Regulations.  No account passwords are required to carry out the assessment process.  Once the report has been delivered to the client and confirmation has been received that it has been successfully received, all copies of it are removed from our systems within 30 days.


It should be noted that this check should only be initiated as part of the pre-employment process, once an offer has been made to a candidate.  Recruiting managers should understand that any process of pre-employment screening must be approached with caution, so that they do not inadvertently act in a manner that could be considered discriminatory, or unfair in other ways.

​​​Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements in this area.

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