Open-source intelligence (OSINT) can be defined as data collected from publicly available sources for subsequent analysis.  Whilst the predominant source is often the internet, it can include multiple sources, including social media, which is often described as social media intelligence (SOCMINT).

The key concept behind OSINT is the face that the majority of data can be obtained for free, irrespective of whether it is located in newspapers, web pages, blogs, images, or podcasts, as long as it is public, free and legal.


Using industry standard tools, we can provide a service to both organisations and individuals, through which OSINT can be acquired, analysed and reported upon.  When combined with social-media intelligence (SOCMINT) sources which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., a detailed footprint of any corporate or personal information freely-available on the internet can be supplied.


Due to the widespread risk for an organisation's employees to be exploited by malicious parties, whether by voice, email or in person, we offer social engineering assessment services, by which at-risk individuals (such as system administrators, PAs/EAs, support desk teams, CxOs) or organisations as a whole can be 'targeted'.